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Oscillation Motor, Indoor, All 18000~24000 BTU

Oscillation Motor, Indoor, All 18000~24000 BTU

Oscillation Motor, Indoor. Fits H18E2, H18HP2A, H24HP2A models.

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Oscillation Motors are crucial components of all Hessaire Mini-Splits and are necessary for controlling the lip of the indoor unit.


This oscillation motor completes the indoor units of all 18000 & 24000 BTU Hessaire models: H18E2, H18HP2A, H24HP2A. 


  • Part Number: 18230SM1
  • Compatible Models: H18E2, H18HP2A, H24HP2A
  • Unit Type: Indoor Unit
  • Motor Type: Oscillation Motor (Indoor)


Part Number Compatible Models Unit Type Motor Type
18230SM1 H18E2, H18HP2A, H24HP2A Indoor
Oscillation Motor (Indoor)


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We have a variety of other types available:

Outdoor Fan Motors:

  • 12115M2
    • H12E1, H12HP1A
  • 12230M2
    • H12HP2A, H18E2
  • 18230M217
    • H18HP2A
  • 24230M2
    • H24HP2A
Indoor Fan Motors:
  • 12115M1
    • H12E1, H12HP1A
  • 12230M1
    • H12HP2A
  • 18230M1
    • H18E2
  • 18230M117
    • H18HP2A, H24HP2A

Indoor Oscillation Fan Motors:

  • 12115SM1
    • H12E1, H12HP1A, H12HP2A
  • 18230SM1
    • H18E2, H18HP2A, H24HP2A
  • Osc. Motor, (Horizontal Louver)*
    • H12E1 
  • Osc. Motor, (Horizontal Louver)*
    • H18E2 
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