Mini-Split FAQs

How does this unit work as a humidifier?

It can only work as de-humidifier. (dry mode)

Do we have brackets to hold the outdoor unit?

Currently there are no brackets, but they can be found on Amazon for a very good price.

How do I find a HVAC technician in my area that is familiar with these units?

Search for minisplit installer online and make sure they are fine with installing Hessaire minisplits.

How do I retrieve the codes from my unit for the error code form?

For indoor error code, press the sleep button 10 times, the error code will show up on the indoor unit.

For outdoor error code, open the top of the unit, there are 3 LED lights one the control panel. Example for the 1,2,3, combination: Solid on/ flash / off

Where can I get a longer than 15ft copper line set?

From or

Why is my unit not heating?

Fill out the trouble-shooting form. Please get the error code before doing so. It greatly speeds up the service.

What is a reasonable cost range for having one of these units installed?


How are these units wired?

Check Cable diagram (in owner manual)

What size hole is required in the structure to install one of these units?

3 inches

Is the only reason a HVAC specialist necessary to install these units is to charge the copper line set?

Install disconnect box, vacuum the unit. Charge and recycle nitrogen to test leaking,

What is the warranty policy on the compressor of these units because I have seen conflicting information?

5 years compressor and 1 year on parts

How far from the ceiling should these units be installed?

At least 8 inches

How much refrigerant do I need to purchase for mini splits?

Its precharged for 25ft, so no need to buy extra refrigerant.

What is the longest copper wire line we offer? 


What all comes with the mini split?

15ft lineset, pre-charged unit, remote control, connect cable

How much does the mini split save verses regular AC/Heating unit?

1/3-1/2 of the central AC bill, moreover, you can turn living room off during night, more saving

Why does the mini split make a grinding noise when turning on?

Check if indoor unit is installed leveled