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Environment Temperature Sensor, Indoor (Red)

Environment Temperature Sensor, Indoor (Red)

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The Environment Temperature Sensor is a vital component for most Hessaire indoor mini-split units minus the H18E2 indoor model's, whose indoor Environment Temperature Sensor can be found here. This sensor is necessary for accurately monitoring the ambient temperature of your interior space and key to maintaining your HVAC system's optimal performance and efficiency.


  • Part Number: 1218TS1
  • Compatible Models: H12E1, H12HP1A, H12HP2A, H18HP2A
  • Unit Type: Indoor
  • Cord Type: Environment Temperature Sensor (Indoor)


Part Number Compatible Models Unit Type Cord Type
1218TS1 H12E1, H12HP1A, H12HP2A, H18HP2A Indoor
Environment Temperature Sensor (Indoor)


Looking for a Different Sensor?


We have a variety of other types available:

Outdoor Unit Sensors:

  • Environment Temperature Sensor Cord
    • 1218TS2 (All + H18E2 Indoor)
  • Coil Temperature Sensor Cord
    • 12115OCTS (H12E1, H12HP1A)
    • 18230OCTS (H12HP2A. H18HP2A, H18E2, H24HP2A)
  • Compressor Temperature Sensor Cord
    • 1218CS2 (H12HP1A, H18HP2A, H18E2, H24HP2A)
    • 1218ES2 (H12E1, H12HP1A)
Indoor Unit Sensors:
  • Environment Temperature Sensor Cord
    • 1218TS1 (H12E1, H12HP1A, H12HP2A, H18HP2A)
  • Coil Temperature Sensor Cord
    • 1824CS1 (H18E2)
    • 12115CS1 (H12E1, H12HP1A, H12HP2A, H18HP2A)

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