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Coil Temperature Sensor, Indoor (White w/ Brass)

Coil Temperature Sensor, Indoor (White w/ Brass)

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The Coil Temperature Sensor is a vital component for most Hessaire indoor units.

The sensor is essential for accurate indoor coil temperature regulation and is key to maintaining your HVAC system's optimal performance and efficiency.


  • Part Number: 12115CS1
  • Compatible Models: H12E1, H12HP1A, H12HP2A, H18HP2A
  • Unit Type: Indoor
  • Cord Type: Coil Temperature Sensor (Indoor)


Part Number Compatible Models Unit Type Cord Type
12115CS1 H12E1, H12HP1A, H12HP2A, H18HP2A Indoor
Coil Temperature Sensor (Indoor)


Looking for a Different Sensor?


We have a variety of other types available:

Outdoor Unit Sensors:

  • Environment Temperature Sensor Cord
    • 1218TS2 (All + H18E2 Indoor)
  • Coil Temperature Sensor Cord
    • 12115OCTS (H12E1, H12HP1A)
    • 18230OCTS (H12HP2A. H18HP2A, H18E2, H24HP2A)
  • Compressor Temperature Sensor Cord
    • 1218CS2 (H12HP1A, H18HP2A, H18E2, H24HP2A)
    • 1218ES2 (H12E1, H12HP1A)
Indoor Unit Sensors:
  • Environment Temperature Sensor Cord
    • 1218TS1 (H12E1, H12HP1A, H12HP2A, H18HP2A)
  • Coil Temperature Sensor Cord
    • 1824CS1 (H18E2)
    • 12115CS1 (H12E1, H12HP1A, H12HP2A, H18HP2A)

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