Replacement Parts Request (Mini Split AC)

Are you having trouble with your mini split unit? Please fill out this form and one of our service technicians will contact you promptly. Please read these bolded FAQ's on how to fill out the error code form.

If the unit does not work well, please check if the connecting lines are loose, and the component are damaged.

How to get error code of indoor units?
Make the unit power on for 5 minutes, press the “SLEEP” button on remote control, press the sleep button on the remote controller for 10 times in ten seconds then the error code will be displayed on the indoor units. If two malfunction happens at the same time, it need press the sleep button for 10 times again,

How to get error code of outdoor units?
Remove the top panel, and control panel top cover, run the unit for at least 10 minutes, then record the 3 led lights combination.

Please download this file to interpret the troubleshooting results.