Mobile Cooler Faq

Where is my model number?

The model number for your unit can be found on the manufacturer sticker on the
back, left side of the unit.

Am I required to register for warranty?

We no longer require you to register your unit for warranty. Please keep a copy of
your receipt, and fill out theReplacement Parts Request or Contact Uswith any
issues that may occur.

Mobile cooler has a vibration issue?

Unplug the unit, and open the back panel. Rotate the fan blade to see if it wobbles, or rubs anything during a few rotations. If so adjust and ensure nothing rubs or hits, or replace fan blade. Also listen for squealing from the motor, as a possible motor replacement might be the issue.

What happens if I add ice into the water?

Should drop 2-3- degrees with the ice lasting about 20-30 minutes.

Internal media pads not getting wet?

Open the back panel to see inside the unit, turn just the pump on to ensure water is flowing. If not, follow the hose from the pump to ensure no clog from pump to distributor.

Pump not working?

Make sure the pump is fully submersed, and check hose connections inside the unit. Run the pump for 2-3 minutes, then water should be running. If not, a possible pump replacement might be needed.

How to clean media pad?

We suggest running just the pump for 10 minutes, to rinse the pad of dirt and debris.  Drain the water and replace with fresh water. Feel free to remove and rinse media pads with a water hose if needed.

When should I replace media pads?

Depending on water condition, look for thick white scales to see if replacements are needed.

What are media pads made of?

Kraft paper with stiffening resin

Can I get a replacement cooler?

Hessaire doesn’t provide replacement coolers, but will replace parts under warranty.

Didn’t find what you’re looking for? Find our Warranties page for information and Replacement part request form . If you still need support, visit our Contact Us page to submit a question!