Minisplit Error Code Form

Are you having trouble with your HVAC unit? Please complete the form below and one of our agents will contact you promptly to assist in troubleshooting your unit. Be sure all of your lines are connected properly, securely, and free of damage. When a malfunction occurs, your unit has the capability to display what is called an error code. To display the error codes on your indoor unit, you will want to be sure to power on your unit for 5 minutes. If your unit will not power on, you will then simply make that statement in place of an error code. Press the "SLEEP" button on your remote control 10 times in a 10 second time frame and the error code will display on the face of your unit. If two malfunctions occur, you will then need to press the "SLEEP" button an additional 10 times.

To view the error codes on the outdoor unit, use extreme caution! Your unit will need to be running at least 10 minutes before viewing the error codes. First, you will remove the top panel and then the cover of the control board inside the outdoor unit. You will then record the 3 led light combination.

Once you submit your error code form, you will be contacted by an agent to either assist your HVAC technician with troubleshooting, provide warranty replacement parts, or suggested parts to purchase if your unit is no longer under warranty. Hessaire Products will not be responsible for technician or installation fees.

Please download this file to interpret the troubleshooting results.

When filling out your serial number, please use the one next to the batch number and not the model number. For example H12HP1A is not the serial number, the pictures below are examples of serial numbers.