What is Evaporative Cooling?

What is Evaporative Cooling?

Evaporative cooling also known as adiabatic cooling, works by circulating water that is evaporated while a fan blows air over internal media pads. With this idea, water is used as the refrigerant on a ventilation system. Resulting in cooling down the air as the water turns into a gas, pulling the heat out of the air.

Hessaire Evaporative Cooling Solutions

Operating at a fraction of the cost of a traditional air conditioning unit, and far greater cooling effects when compared to a traditional fan.

Using a two-stage evaporative technology, provides the most sustainable and environmentally friendly cooling in your home, office, shop, outdoor pool deck, sporting events and so much more!

Hessaire mobile cooling unit

Mobile indoor/outdoor evaporative coolers made by Hessaire can be used anywhere!

Here at Hessaire we offer both mobile and mounted evap cooling solutions!

Optimal air quality

Evaporative cooling uses 100% fresh, filtered outside air to cool down a building or room. This improves the indoor air quality substantially, especially in comparison with mechanical cooling, which often recirculates the warm, polluted indoor air.

History of evaporative cooling

Egyptian murals have been found depicting porous clay vessels filled with water were placed beneath an air inlet to provide some cooling when the air passed through them. They where not able to enhance the effects with modern motors and fans, however they designed their housing architecture with this method.

Ancient Evaporative Cooling System