Save Money Using Evaporative Cooling

In a low-humidity environment, evaporative coolers provide natural and energy-efficient means of cooling.

They cool down fresh outdoor air by passing it over water-saturated pads, which in turn, causes the water to evaporate into it. This process makes the outside air up to 25 degrees cooler.

Here are a few reasons why evaporative cooling could save you money.

1. Evaporative cooling units cost about 2 to 10 cents an hour to run, depending on the size of the cooler. This is less than about one-quarter of the energy cost of an air conditioning unit. Couple that with Hessaire’s line of portable products that offer a variety of sizes for your space and the savings add up.

2. The savings of using an evaporative cooler compared to a refrigerated air conditioning system is 75%. The evaporative cooler only uses about 25% of the electricity that an A/C unit does. In addition Hessaire’s portable coolers offer the opportunity to cool space where a refrigerated air conditioning system is not able to be set up.

3. Another perk of using evaporative cooling is that a lot of energy companies offer rebates for people who use this method of cooling instead of air conditioning.

4. A complete air change in an area occurs every one to three minutes with evaporative cooling. This flow of fresh air means that evaporative coolers can be operated without using the water pump to replace warm stale air with cooler nighttime air, much like a fan does. This keeps your space cool in a more natural way.

5. Portable evaporative cooling extends these money-saving benefits, as it allows you to better utilize, for example, your outdoor space, work area or garage, giving your home or business much more usable square footage throughout the year.