MC37M is definitely the best and most effective cooler on the market, for its size. It’s compact and yet packs a powerful blast of cooling with a patented winged prop design and three panels of high-density rigid media. Take it on the go easily with its four casters. It features oscillating louvers to cover a wide area quietly and efficiently. The manual controls make it easy for you to adjust between the four temperature settings  to obtain optimal cooling anywhere you take the MC37M Evaporative Cooler.


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Airflow Delivery 3,100CFM
Cooling Area 950 Sq.Ft.
Water Reservoir 10.3 Gallons
Electric Consumption 2.4A/250W
Dimensions 25″ L x 17″ W x 37″ H
Weight 40 lbs

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Xel50 cooling pad for maximum cooling and longer life
Float valve for garden hose adaptor
Oscillating left to right louvers
Manual fill door
Easy to read water level display
Heavy duty casters with powder painted hardware
High velocity axial fan blade
Top tool tray


Mechanical Version


Rotary Switch/Motor Speed Has 4 positions. (Clockwise from OFF)

OFF, LOW Fan Only, MED Fan Only, HI Fan Only.

Pump Switch

Controls the pump

Middle Rocker Switch

Controls the fan Oscillation

Power Switch

Controls power to the main controls, it will be lit when it is in the ON position, dark when OFF. When it is OFF the other switches will not function.