It’s a mobile EBPA cooler with humidification control. good for outdoor using as other coolers, but also good for humidification control at winter time.  It features oscillating louvers to cover a wide area quietly and efficiently. The LCD touch controls make it easy for you to adjust the temperature settings  to obtain optimal cooling anywhere you take the MC26A Evaporative Cooler

Airflow Delivery 2100CFM
Cooling Area 700 Sq.Ft.
Water Reservoir 7.3 Gallons
Electric Consumption 1/12 H.P. 115 V 3 Speed
Dimensions 32”H × 20”W × 13”D
Weight 21 lbs

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Float valve with garden hose adapter (Outdoor)
Removable washable fine mesh screen
proprietary prop design for quietness and efficiency
oscillating from left to right
3-panel hi-density media for maximum cooler
Ice ack enhance cooling