Mini Split AC

Energy Efficient, Exceptional Performance

The mini-splits air-conditioner and heat pump provide comfort for the hottest months and the monsoon. Mini-splits are designed to cool only the space you are in. One can cool the living room during the day and cool the bedroom at night.  So one is only using 1/3 of the energy compared to a ducted packaged air-conditioner. Monthly savings is $200/month.  Hi-efficiency heatpump with additional heating elements put out warm air during the winter months. Eliminating the need for furnaces. Additional benefit of ductless mini-split is that they are quiet and there is health concerns with dirty ducts.


The annual electricity is $2,000 using evaporative coolers and mini-splits.


Furthermore the installed cost for one cooler and 2 mini-splits is $4,000 to 5,000, which is considerably less than a 5-ton unit.


Tired of dealing with that tough-to-cool bedroom? Looking for a flexible way to control comfort throughout your home or office? Mini split systems provide ductless heating and cooling for independent comfort control in each room.


Single-Room Solutions are effective for homes that have:


Livable Attics or Basements

Sun rooms that homeowners would like to use as livable space in winter

Garages that have been converted to livable space

Hot spots and cold spots – rooms that just never feel as comfortable as the rest of the house

Guest rooms, rec rooms or other rooms that are only rarely occupied

Every home, condominium and townhouse has one. It’s impossible to control. The only thing that is predicable about it is its unpredictability. It feels like it costs more than it’s worth. Most homeowners ban their family members from going near it six months out of the year. What is it? The single room that, no matter how hard you wish, hope and try, is always 10 degrees hotter or 10 degrees colder than the rest of the home.


Turn Your Entire House Into Livable Space

Split-Ductless Systems are ideal for cooling or heating single rooms that get used, but not all the time. Rather than cranking the thermostat up or down to reach a single room, ductless systems can be used to achieve comfort in those spaces only when they are occupied. If no one is in the room, there is no need to pay to cool or heat that area.


If you own a home, you should be able to use each room in that home whenever you want. Shutting off a single room in the winter and summer made sense several decades ago when there was simply no other option. Thanks to home zoning, there is no longer a need to board up livable rooms. Zoned systems provide families with almost unlimited, customizable options that allow them to keep their houses open year-round, without throwing money out the window.