How much does it cost to run an evaporative cooler?

Hessaire coolers have the highest cfm/watt rating in the industry. Our smallest coolers requires 180W. Which means that it will consume about 1 kilowatt/hr in 5 hours. Using typical residential utility rate of $0.10/kwh, the hourly operating cost of the smallest cooler is less than 2 cents/hour. Our largest industrial fan, which can cool up to 3000 sq ft, coolers uses 900 Watt motors, which means that it will cost about $0.10/hour to run.

ModelElectric ConsumptionHourly Operating Cost
MBC2000190 Watts$0.02/hour
MFC3600250 Watts$0.03/hour
MFC6000430 Watts$0.04/hour
MFC18000460 Watts$0.05/hour

*hourly cost based on $0.1./kwh